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Following an abortive attempt to order ships from the Italy-based Fincantierithe company had placed an order for one ship, Sitmar Fairmajestywith satoshi cost Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard in France.

Sitmar were planning to order additional vessels however, and the Italian government—owners of Fincantieri—were eager to have these ships built by an Italian shipyard.

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Following negotiations between Sitmar and Fincantieri, the former placed an order for two 70,  GT cruise ships with the latter, to be delivered in and The number of infected people on board eventually rose toand the decision was made for the ship to drop planned calls in Greenland and Newfoundland in favour of sailing directly to New York. By the time the ship arrived in New York on 2 Septemberone day ahead of schedule, only four people on board were still suffering from the virus.

The ship was again disinfected and satoshi cost able to depart on her next scheduled cruise without problems. In MayPacific Dawn went into dry dock in Brisbane for extensive refurbishment. In Novemberthe ship was dry-docked in Sydney, Australia for the addition of "The Edge" satoshi cost including a zip-line, "crow's nest experience" and rock-climbing walla refurbishment of the Waterfront Restaurant and a cosmetic make-over of the pool deck.

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During this time it was known among the crew as "Salvatore Lupo's private yacht", after the captain who had served on the ship since its launch, making his way from 3rd officer to Captin while serving on the vessel over its history.

The commercial spaces would be operated by individual companies and in keeping with the crypto-spirit and technology incubator, all businesses would have to accept bitcoin for purchases on board.

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A minute ferry ride by tender would connect the ship to Panama City. Ship operations would have been run by a spinoff company called Viva Vivas. While she made it safely to the harbour, it was decided to postpone her departure by eight hours, allowing the winds to subside and use more favourable tidal conditions.

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Despite these precautions Regal Princess was grounded while outbound from Cairns, but was able to free herself under her own power after just four minutes. The ship then returned to Cairns for preliminary inspections. Due to sea conditions the hull of the ship could not be inspected by divers in Cairns, and the ship was allowed to sail to Darwin for a full inspection of the hull.

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In Darwin minor damage to the ship's bulbous bow was discovered, but this did not threaten her safety and Regal Princess was cleared to continue her cruise. A subsequent study to the causes of the accident concluded Regal Princess was too large to safely traverse the narrow channel leading into Cairns, and that "commercial incentives It was reported that of approximately 2, passengers had flu-like symptoms and two satoshi cost boys subsequently tested positive for swine flu.

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New South Wales Health authorities ordered all 2, passengers from the ship to stay at home, or in hotel rooms, for seven days as a form of self-imposed quarantine. The cases of swine flu from Pacific Dawn were the first reported contagious cases of swine flu in Sydney. On 26 Mayit was reported that 14 passengers from Pacific Dawn had tested positive for swine flu.

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At the time, as measured against the confirmed cases for nation states, Pacific Dawn carried the 14th largest number of confirmed cases. The pilot and tugs brought the ship to a full stop within 70m of the newly built second structure and the disabled ship was towed back to Portside Wharf in Hamilton, Queensland, where an investigation later determined a failure was due to a blown fuse from a saltwater leak.

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Her husband was with her at the time and was quick to raise the alarm. The ship left its set course and began a search, which lasted until 8am the following day.

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She had three children who were on the cruise but were not there to witness the event. The ship returned to BrisbaneAustralia on 15 April By reviewing security footage, police determined that the event had been a suicide shown by Schofield's leap over the railing.

Primele monedele digitale [ modificare modificare sursă ] În perioada de dinainte de bitcoin, au existat o serie de tehnologii de monede digitale bazate pe protocolurile  ecash  ale lui  David Chaum [3] și Stefan Brands. Adam Back a dezvoltat sistemul hashcash, o schemă de tipul proof-of-work pentru controlul de spam.