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You can help by adding to it. July A price action trader generally sets great store in human fallibility and the tendency for traders in the market to behave as a crowd.

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Many traders nivelurile liniei de tendință simply buy the stock, but then every time that it fell to the low of its trading range, would become disheartened and lose faith in their prediction and sell. That is a simple example from Livermore from the s. Several strategies use these levels as a means to plot out where to secure profit or place a Stop Loss.

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  • O evaluare a rezistenței acestor niveluri devine o bază considerabilă pentru prezicerea unei tendințe și pentru determinarea punctului său de cotitură.
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These levels are purely the result of human behavior as they interpret said levels to be important. Two attempts rule[ edit ] One key observation of price action traders is that the market often revisits price levels where it reversed or consolidated. If the market reverses at a certain level, then on returning to that level, the trader expects the market to either carry on past the reversal point or to reverse again. The trader takes no action until the market has done one or the other.

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It is considered to bring higher probability trade entries, once this point has passed and the market is either continuing or reversing again. The traders do not take the first opportunity but rather wait for a second entry to make their trade. For instance the second attempt by bears to force the market down to new lows represents, if it fails, a double bottom and the point at which many bears will abandon their bearish opinions and start buying, joining the bulls and generating a strong move upwards.

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This is also known as 'confirmation'. Trapped[ edit ] "Trapped traders" is a common price action term referring to traders who have entered the market on weak signals, or before signals were triggered, or without waiting for confirmation and who find themselves in losing positions because the market turns against them.

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Any price action pattern that the traders used for a signal to enter the market is considered 'failed' and that failure becomes a signal in itself to price action traders, e.

It is assumed that the trapped traders will be forced to exit the market and if in sufficient numbers, this will cause the market to accelerate away from them, thus providing an opportunity for the more patient traders to benefit from their duress.

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It can also scare traders out of a good trade. The phrase "the stops were run" refers to the execution of these stop orders.

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All trapped trader strategies are essentially variations of Brooks pioneering work. Trend and range definition[ edit ] A 'bear' trend where the market is continually falling, interrupted by only weak rises.

This concept of a trend is one of the primary concepts in technical analysis. A trend is either up or down and for the complete neophyte observing a market, an upwards trend can be described simply as a period of time over which the price has moved up.

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An upwards trend is also known as a bull trend, or a rally. A bear trend or downwards trend or sell-off or crash is where the market moves downwards. Nivelurile liniei de tendință definition is as simple as the analysis is varied and complex.

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  • Alte Linii de tendință se mișcă în timp Dacă vă bazați trategiile de tranzacționare pe analiza liniei de tendințe, trebuie ă fiți conștienți că nivelurile de preț derivate din liniile de tendință e vor chimba în funcție de panta liniei Conţinut: Dacă vă bazați strategiile de tranzacționare pe analiza liniei de tendințe, trebuie să fiți conștienți că nivelurile de preț derivate din liniile de tendință se vor schimba în funcție de panta liniei de tendințe.
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The assumption is of serial correlation, i. A trading range where the market turns around at the ceiling and the floor to stay within an explicit price band. A range is not so easily defined, but is in most cases what exists when there is no discernible trend.

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Nivelurile liniei de tendință is defined by its floor and its ceiling, which are always subject to debate. A range can also be referred to as a horizontal channel.

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OHLC bar or candlestick[ edit ] Brief explanation of bar and candlestick terminology: Open: first price of a bar which covers the period of time of the chosen time frame Close: the last price of the bar High: the highest price Low: the lowest price Body: the part of the candlestick between the open and the close Tail upper or lower : the parts of the candlestick not between the open and the close Range bar[ edit ] A range bar is a bar with no body, i.

This is also known in Japanese Candlestick terminology as a Doji. Japanese Candlesticks show demand with more precision and only a Doji is a Doji, whereas a price action trader might consider a bar with a small body to be a range bar. It is termed 'range bar' because the price during the period of the bar moved between a floor the low and a ceiling the high and ended more or less where it began.

If one expanded the time frame and looked at the price movement during that bar, it would appear as a range.

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Trend bar[ edit ] There are bull trend bars and bear trend bars - bars with bodies - where the market has actually ended the bar with a net change from the beginning of the bar. Bull trend bar[ edit ] In a bull trend bar, the price has trended from the open up to the close.

To be pedantic, it is possible that the price moved up and down several times between the high and the low during the course of the bar, before finishing 'up' for the bar, in which case the assumption would be wrong, but this is a very seldom occurrence.

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Bear trend bar[ edit ] The bear trend bar is the opposite. Trend bars are often referred to for short as bull bars or bear bars. With-trend bar[ edit ] Strategie de lucru opțiuni binare trend bar with movement in the same direction as the chart's trend is known as 'with trend', i.