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mijloace de trai pe binar

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Magrathea is an ancient planet located in orbit around the twin suns Soulianis and Rahm in the heart of the Horsehead Nebula see graphic. Magrathea is a world whose economy was based on the manufacturing of bespoke planets for the wealthiest people in the universe, back in the days of the Galactic Empire it was Magrathea that created the Earth. On Magrathea, hapless Arthur Dent is trying to convince depressed robot Marvin that the planet's double sunset is indeed worthy of admiration: But that sunset!

I've never seen anything like it in my wildest dreams It was like mountains of fire boiling into space We only ever had the one Sun at home. The Snow Queen takes place on a mostly oceanic planet called Tiamatwhose suns orbit a black holewhich facilitates a type of interstellar travel and connects Tiamat to the rest of the civilized galaxy the "Hegemony", the remnants of a fallen Galactic Empire.

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Terrestrial humanity covertly observes, from their space station Avernus, the changing fortunes of the Helliconian "humans" and their rivals the bovine-descended phagors during the course of a Helliconian Great Year ~ Earth years.

Helliconia lies in a binary star system consisting of the yellow-orange dwarf Batalix its primarywhich orbits in turn the white supergiant star Freyr in the constellation of Ophiuchus about a thousand light-years from the Sun. Aldiss explores in detail the astronomy, geology, climatology, geobiologymicrobiology, religion, and society of a planet whose Great Year derives not from an inclined axis of rotation, but from the evolving geometry of the binary system.

The Phagors call the 'Humans' the Sons of Freyr, and recall in folk memory a time before Batalix entered orbit — before the 'Humans' evolved intelligence and became dominant during the warm periods.

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The year is and Earth, with the help of the technologically advanced Yma race, is embarking on an arduous repair of the effects of centuries of relentless environmental degradation.

The book concerns the recent human eco-expedition to a binary star system approximately 6. Barlowe writes as a sort of 24th century Audubonpresenting his findings in a collection of paintings, sketches, field notes, and diary entries that limn his explorations of this exotic world.

Binare cain opțiuni Informatii despre aceste simboluri noi veti gasi in tabelul cu plati, să nu fie atașat ceva suplimentar.

Honor Harrington —series of novels written by David Weber. The binary star system Manticore has three habitable planets and importantly one wormhole junction.

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The secondary component Manticore B has one harsh habitable planet, Gryphon, home of rigorous conservatives and royalists. The star system is the capital system of the Star Empire of Manticore, whose Royal Manticoran Navy is the setting for protagonist Honor Harrington's Horatio Hornblower -like military career.

Eta Boötis is a binary system as is suspected in real life [29] consisting of a type GO IV star with a mijloace de trai pe binar dwarf orbiting 1.

Cycle of Fire Hal Clement Abyormen is a planet in a binary system where the two components' orbits are highly eccentric.

This produces striking temperature extremes and two seasons, a hot season and a cold season. Living forms that exist during one season die out at the onset of the other and at the same give birth to living things that exist during the other season.

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A small number of rational individuals shelter themselves in isolated locations that allow them to live during the "other" season. They consider their fate not as a chance to live but as a burden and a duty they must take in order to pass knowledge through generations and preserve civilization.

The withering sunlight underlines the isolation Benteen brings upon himself through his unrelenting pride. This episode contains the first reference to Gallifrey, the home world of the Time Lords, which orbits a tightly bound binary star system of two yellow-white stars—one similar to the Sun and the other a white dwarf.

That's home.

Binary stars in fiction

Since it is the home world of both Anakin and Luke Skywalker, it holds great importance in the Star Wars universe. The planet's indigenous lifeforms are well-adapted to its arid climate, but human settlers often become moisture farmers and live in subterranean dwellings to survive. In Star Wars: The Last Jedithe solar system that the planet Ach-to the long-lost homeworld of the Jedi order orbits is also a binary star system.

On another world, in another time a thousand years gone the evil Skeksis rule a dwindling, ruined planet, while the gentle wizardly Mystics raise Jen, the last—but for one other—of the Gelflings. The world Thra was once green and bountiful, spinning in a triple star system ruled by the blue dwarf Dying Sun, the red Rose Sun, and the white giant Great Sun, [34] until the Crystal of Truth shattered and in so doing loosed strife and destruction on the land.

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The elfin Gelfling boy, taken in by the Mystics after his clan was killed, is told by his Mystic master that he must find and restore the crystal shard. Searching for a disabled scientific expedition in the vicinity of a binary star, the USS Enterprise becomes ensnared in a topological singularity—the same Tyken's Rift that has trapped the earlier vessel.

The only way to escape is to detonate a huge explosion, but how?

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Meanwhile the human members of the crew begin to suffer an induced mass psychosis thanks to a mysterious influence that is keeping them from dreaming. Only half-betazoid Troi mijloace de trai pe binar still dream, and she dreams of the double sun see graphic above —no wait, it's a hydrogen atom, with one electron orbiting one proton!

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